Elvin Chandler

Elvin Chandler

Hello Mr. Bell,

Elvin ChandlerMy name is Elvin Chandler and I live in Pontotoc, MS which is close to Memphis, TN. I just got a quick testimony for you. I grew up C.O.G.I.C. but I always knew something was off with that. Mainly with all the shouting and speaking in tongues we do was always absent in the bible and how we refused to look at the old testament unless it was about the 10 commandments and tithes. So as a youngster and reading I came to the conclusion that all this had already taken place but after hearing all the future coming promises backed with scriptures I let it go and thought I was on the wrong path.

I left the church for years and came back to the bible listening to GOCC, a Hebrew Israelite faction. With evidence and studying I see those brothers had a point and if I could be an Israelite I needed to get on point. So I started studying with them as they introduced the Torah. I found out too many flaws with them so eventually I joined House of Wisdom which is a faction of Hebrew Israelite that focuses on the Priesthood only and Spiritual Sacrifices. We were given certain hours of prayers and certain rituals that seemed right when explained to me and we stayed in the books of 2 Esdras, all Paul’s writings  and revelation.

So there is a lot of prophecy there and I became infatuated with prophecy. Everything I wanted to speak on was prophecy so the elder entertained it for a while until I went to Daniel 12, Matthew 24, and Revelation. I told him it all seemed connected and he insured me that it was not. So I left it alone and I see your debate with Captain Tazaryach from ISUPK and I was blown away. Being a full blown Hebrew Israelite at the time I was baffled how the Captain was cocky but you were killing him with scriptures. I talked to a few brothers after watching it and sent them the link and they were all like that William guy is off and don’t understand the bible and captain killed him. I was like how? He brought out more scriptures than Captain and his explanations were biblical and not just changing the meaning of them to be pro Israel.

I felt scriptures were being brought out being misrepresented to conform to the Hebrew Israelite doctrine and Christ was not doing that  but I left it alone. So a few months go by as I was in the House of Wisdom and bam! Again I come across Matthew 24 and Revelation and Josephus, and I knew this was speaking on the same event. I hit my elder with it again and he dismissed Josephus and gave me his doctrine again and told me I needed to get grounded or I might become lost.

I found your debate and re-listened to it shortly with the captain again and I realized that you were on point and I went to your page and saw you have been on point for years. After following what you said I left the House of Wisdom and have been following you for months now. So thanks and I wanted you to know that some of us are listening. We are trying to be in Moses Covenant while the most perfect Covenant is here and has been for a while. I feel we are doing Christ a disservice. I have also came to realize that the books we as Hebrew Israelites go to have an agenda. If it was pre first century, it pointed to 70 AD but if it was past first century it is pointing to a future coming of Christ. That is where the confusion is. Also I know you don’t touch on a lot of other Hebraic literature but the Book of Enoch and The Book of Adam and Eve and the 12 Patriarchs all points to 70 AD. I just wanted to say thanks for not giving up on yourself when people told you that you were crazy. Every time I post in my Hebrew Israelite platform I get called out but now a few people are questioning it. I sent you a request under Elvin Israel and if you do online classes I would love to join.

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