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East Haven Eschatology Discussion Part 1, held at the East Haven Church of Christ in Memphis, TN, Wednesday, December 26, 2018.

Alfred Lloyd and Cameron Freeman from the East Haven congregation, met with Elvin Israel Israel, a Hebrew Israelite and William Bell, minister of the Raines Road church of Christ to discuss the end times.

This was a very cordial meeting and it demonstrated that brethren could sit down across the table in a civil atmosphere and have an open honest discussion about the word of God. This also proves that those who are opposed to this type of meeting are lying that these meetings are disruptive and do harm. Everyone left the meeting in good spirits with cordial handshakes, looking forward to the next meeting.

We believe that it was only after their elders were informed about the meeting that same night, these brothers called us back after a couple of hours with a total different attitude claiming they did not want to study any further.

During the meeting they said these matters were very important, but after they called back they said they were not important enough to discuss. Yet this same church wrote a disfellowship letter against William Bell over 36 years ago, and have never defended the charges made in that letter.

We can only hope that they will be open to having a dialogue based on the Scriptures after seeing that these brethren did not have major disagreements with what was being said and that they were learning throughout the entire exchange.